Mr. Raviraja Bhat

Principal - PU College | Padmanabhanagar

Sri Kumaran Group of Educational Institutions

Sri Kumaran Children's Home Educational Institutions is the holy abode for learning. It is the place where quality education is transferred from teacher to student in the most harmonious manner. The institution believes in enforcing discipline and instilling morals/ethics along with academic proficiency. It is a place where young minds are given all the pre-requisite fundamentals to think outside the box, form their own paths and nurture their character.

One of the main objectives of the institution is to Promote holistic development of the child and enhance both cognitive and language skills. The institution practices a system which makes the learning process enjoyable and morphs studying into celebration. It is a place where a student understands that learning is a continuous process and it does not stop at school.

This institution provides a strong foundation for all-round development of each child. We expect that each child will grow as a responsible citizen of this country and becomes more productive to the society. This institution is a fertile piece of land where a child enters as a seed and later transforms into a beautiful tree having strong roots and plentiful fruits.

KUMARAN is a culture to follow and a tradition to adopt.

Mr. Raviraja Bhat

Educational Qualification

  • MSc in Physics from Mangalore University

Certificate Course From IIT Kanpur in

  • Basics of Quantum Mechanics
  • Basics of Special Theory of Relativity
  • Semiconductor Physics