The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it. ~ John Ciardi, American poet.

The infrastructure of Sri Kumaran Children's Home Composite Pre-University College was designed with the students' comfort in mind. It is the ideal setting for our students to learn and grow in their final two years of schooling, with spacious classrooms and corridors. There are 22 classrooms on four floors in the main building. There are four classrooms in the adjacent annexe. This gives us enough room to accommodate our students. The classrooms are well-ventilated, have windows that allow plenty of light and air, as well as fans and lighting. A green board can be found in every classroom, and some even feature audio-visual devices such as projectors to enhance studying. The corridors are large and include motivational phrases to keep our pupils inspired. Each floor also has clean washrooms.


Our library is a bookworm's paradise. Periodicals, newspapers, reference books, journals, competitive exam materials, and fiction are among the options available.  It is a place where students can read for fun while simultaneously working on their academic skills with reference books. Every student, as well as teachers, has easy access to the library. To keep up with the times, we update our collection on a regular basis. The presence of a library on a school campus instils the habit of reading in young individuals. They enhance their classroom learning with the wealth of information provided by books.


Observation, reflection, and experimentation are the three main methods for acquiring knowledge. Our well-equipped and spacious laboratories allow our students to do all three of these methods. Three physics laboratories, three chemistry laboratories, two biology laboratories, two computer laboratories, and one electronics laboratory are located in a separate laboratory block at the college. Each class is divided into 20 students for the laboratory visit, and each student has the opportunity to participate in various experiments and put theories to the test. These experiments are prescribed by the PU College board. It allows students to connect classroom learning to real-life events, which helps them remember concepts better.


Sports are essential for maintaining good health. As students become busy with their studies, it is imperative that they have the space to practice sports to keep their minds and bodies healthy. A volleyball and basketball court on campus allow them to practice whenever they like. Students also get the opportunity to display their sporting skills during the annual Sports Day.


There are two large parking lots at the college. Only teachers and employees have access to the one in the main building. Students can park their two-wheelers or bicycles in another parking lot near the lab block.