Composite PU College | Padmanabhnagar

The Sri Kumaran Children's Home Composite Pre-University College came into being in 1990. Over the past 32 years, the institution has established a reputation for continuously providing high-quality education to students in Bangalore. Our college has evolved in leaps and bounds, carving a considerable niche for itself as one of Bangalore's most sought-after academic institutions. In terms of infrastructure and academic success, our college has grown tremendously. The dedication and hard work of both teachers and students has elevated the institution to the top. The exceptional outcomes in the PU Board exams year after year speak volumes about the high standards of instruction.

 We seek to deliver a thorough and holistic education to our students in order for them to develop into enlightened and responsible people, in keeping with the college motto of 'Lead Kindly Light.' We strive diligently to improve each student's academic performance and help them grow into well-rounded people. During their two years at the college, students are nurtured and groomed. They come to PU as high school students and graduate as mature individuals ready to face life's challenges. The progressive, open, and encouraging atmosphere fosters a space in which students can realise their highest potential. This is made possible by the consistent guidance of teachers and a safe environment for students to flourish. We feel that excellence is crucial in all aspects of life at the Kumarans, thus we attempt to expand our academic, co-curricular, and sporting programmes every year. It is equally critical for both parents and students to understand that in order to build and maintain a positive academic community of learners, student behaviour rules and regulations must be respected and followed. We believe that education is about more than just academic success; it is also about creating, developing a positive attitude and character in students.