Spectrum – A band of colours enriching the beauty of light. Spectrum week has always been one of the most awaited occasions in the college. It is that week where everybody gets a chance to showcase their creativity and gives a huge break from the mundane routine. Each day of the week has its own theme with the students posing in their best attires.

This year the vibrantly themed week lasted from 31st July to the 5th August. The varied themes over the week were set for our college students, to go crazy, comical, unimaginably wonderful and creative. Be it costumes, colours or make-up, they all did it to perfection. The colour week riot went like this:

SPECTRUM DAY – The students and teachers all wore multicoloured attires.

RETRO/FUTURISTIC – The students dressed up like heroes/heroines of 70s or as per their imagination of the future development of fashion.

FASHION DISASTER – The students wore mismatched colours, skirt/shorts over jeans, mismatched footwear, weird combo of earrings, whacky hairdo etc.

CHARACTER X – The students dressed up like fictional characters/ favourite TV show characters.

SUITS & SAREES – Girls wore Sarees and looked elegant.  Boys wore Suits and looked dashing.