The Satvam is the fest organized by the SKCH PU College annually of the students, for its students and by the students. On the day of Satvam as one enters the college premises all he hears is the cheers of the crowd. Ours is such an enthusiastic lot that we will even drown out the cheers of the stadium after Virat’s hundred. It is an Intra college event with various competitions held over the course of two days. On the first day we see the suspicious inauguration of the fest. We welcome our Chief Guest followed by a speech by our Principal. The first event is always the I PU dance finals. 8 deserving teams, teams that had worked hard to reach the finals dance to various tunes to be the best dance group. Next is the classical solo dance. The most awaited event of the day is undeniably the college band. Playing both old and new songs, Western and Indian, the band had everyone on their feet, singing along with them. The most surprising part of the first day was the dance by the teachers of our Physics Department.

The second day was in no way lackluster. The first event of the second day was the II PU Dance Finals, the teams gave mesmerizing performances. The film hits final was next with students of both classes singing their hearts out. The Satvam Quiz finals was up next with 7 teams qualifying from out of more than 70 to be the best quizzing team of the year. Next was the most awaited event of the day – MAD ADS. 8 teams were on stage to market their products and leave us in hysterics. The final event was the ramp walk. 9 boys and girls walked the ramp aiming to be the Miss Kumaranite and Mr Kumaranite. As the event came to an end it was obvious that it was indeed a success. The crestfallen look on the faces of the II PU students was a sad picture as it would be their last year. The I PU students on the other hand were eagerly waiting for the next year and two days of complete fun and excitement.